Mobile Wallet Options with Your BSCU Debit Card or Visa Credit Card

Apple Pay Debit Card Samsung Pay Debit Card Google Pay Debit Card Image Of Mobile Wallet Payment At Point Of Sale Buffalo Service Credit Union

You can set up your BSCU Visa Debit Card and your Visa Credit Card with your phone's mobile wallet. Get the convenience of mobile wallet payment options with BSCU.

With mobile wallet options, making a payment is as easy as putting your phone close to a point of sale terminal. Use funds from your BSCU checking or use your BSCU Visa Credit Card account with the simplicity of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Don't have a BSCU Debit Card? Experience the convenience of a BSCU checking account, which includes mobile wallet options.

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BSCU is the Best Option for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

apple pay debit card logo mobile wallet for apple from bscu

samsung pay debit card logo via buffalo service credit union
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For most people, their phone is always close by or in hand. If you have an iPhone and want to make payments as easy as holding your phone up to a point of sale terminal, connecting your BSCU Card to your Apple Pay account makes it possible!

If you have a Samsung phone, such as a Samsung Galaxy, you can experience the convenience of mobile wallet options with Samsung Pay.

People with an Android phone can use Google Pay as their mobile wallet option.

To set up Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, add your BSCU card and follow the instructions given on your phone.

When you add your BSCU Card to either your Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay app it will be red. Our new design! Upon expiration of your current card the new design will be issued to you.

BSCU Visa Credit Card

Now you can use the card where mobile wallet is accepted. Look for the symbol shown below.

Mobile Wallet Symbol

If You Want to Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, But Don't Have a BSCU Card or Checking Account, We Make It Easy to Open an Account

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