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When you're searching for the best mortgage rates near Buffalo, NY, Buffalo Service Credit Union provides our members with what they're looking for from our partner, Owner's Choice.

Get a Mortgage Rate near Buffalo NY That's Right For Your Budget.

As mortgage rates can change based on individual credit worthiness and the terms of a mortgage loan, it's best to discuss your options. Our partner, Owner's Choice, can help.

Whether You Need a First Time Home Buyer Loan, Or You're Moving On Up to a Different Home, Find Budget Friendly Mortgage Rates near Buffalo, NY 

Buffalo Service Credit Union's partner, Owner's Choice, makes it easy and attainable to get a first time home buyer loan with affordable mortgage rates near Buffalo, NY. BSCU and Owner's Choice understand that the home buying process can be overwhelming, especially when you haven't been through it all before. Our mortgage partner, Owner's Choice, is here to help, answering your questions and working with you to get mortgage rates near Buffalo, NY that fit your budget.

Even if you don't need a first time home buyer loan, Owner's Choice makes it simple to take advantage of great mortgage rates.

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Use Mortgage Calculators to Estimate Payments for Mortgage Rates near Buffalo, NY.

Our partner for mortgage loans near Buffalo, NY, Owner's Choice Funding, makes it easy to set a budget for your mortgage with mortgage calculators.

Whether you're just trying to get an idea of what you can afford by using mortgage calculators, or you're ready to apply, our mortgage partners can help.

For your home purchase needs please contact our partner, Owner’s Choice Funding,at (716) 839-0701.