Worry less.

Open an account that matches your goals

A savings account helps you meet your savings goals by preparing for life’s expenses. Open a BSCU Savings Account and achieve your goals faster with our competitive interest rates.

All of your BSCU deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

Choose the account that fits your goals

  • Share Savings––Make regular deposits to achieve your savings goals. Balances of $25 or more earn dividends and are paid monthly.

  • Holiday Club Savings––Open an account any time during the year to save for holiday gifts or trips. Your savings are automatically transferred to your savings or checking account on the first business day in October so you can begin your holiday shopping early.

  • Goalsetter Account––Weddings, tuition, home purchases—no matter what your savings goals are, setting up automatic payroll deduction can help you reach the goal you set conveniently and quickly.

View current savings rates.

Mobile and Online Banking

Access your accounts with online banking and our mobile app. Use the app to track your savings progress. Get started with online and mobile banking.

Direct Deposit

If your direct deposit is already coming to a BSCU checking account, we can help you set up steady transfers to your savings account.

To set up direct deposit to your savings account:

  • Use this routing number: 2 2 2 0 7 9 4 9 5
  • Important! The account number format is your member number + 00 at the end. For example, if a member number is 12345, the account number would be 1234500. It will not work otherwise.

You can also do transfers through online banking.

Easy ATM Access

Need an ATM? We have 55,000 of them! Access your cash at any of the surcharge-free ATMs in the Allpoint network. There are 55,000 locations worldwide and 35,000 in the U.S. So there’s always one nearby. There’s also no fee when you use an ATM. You can also make two free withdrawals per month at other bank’s ATMs, with additional withdrawals at $.50 each.

Bank by phone with Tellerphone

Call 716-842-0373 to bank by phone 24/7. You can check your balance, find out if transactions have cleared, transfer money, make BSCU loan payments and more. You will need a unique PIN. If you don't know it please contact us.