Sharing is Caring

From October 15 through December 15, 2020 we will be collecting various items to support Compass House.

Items can be dropped off at any BSCU location.

The Compass House has created a Wish List, which can be viewed here.


About Compass House

Compass House was founded in 1972 as a homeless shelter. Today along with the Emergency Shelter, we operate a Resource Center, a Rapid Re-Housing Program and a Transitional Housing Program that is set to open in the winter of 2020. Our mission is to provide runaway, homeless, and street youth with safe shelter and services, through a voluntary and mutually agreed-upon process, in an environment that supports dignity, respect and self-reliance. Compass House’s interventions achieve real results to reduce a young person’s reliance on traditional child welfare, mental health, law enforcement, and juvenile justice system interventions.

With an estimated 1,500 homeless youth in Erie County, Compass House serves approximately 300 youth at our shelter annually and an additional 300 clients at our Resource Center. In 2019, 98% of the youth sheltered left for a safe place to live. Our 24 hour helpline gave information, counseling and referral to 1,650 people. Of the youth who completed our program through the Resource Center, 83% have lived in the same location for more than 3 months and 52% more than 6 months. 65% of these youth either graduated or received their high school equivalency and 12% went on to a higher education program. Once a youth became a client of our Resource Center, 83% had no contact with the legal system.

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